Corporate Social Responsibility


At Amdocs, we have defined a set of six principles that define our companys character and help us achieve our strategic goals by guiding the way we conduct business and interact with others. We call them the Amdocs Values:

  • Customer-centered We are fully committed to true customer satisfaction and success, which leads to long-lasting partnerships.
  • Collaboration Each of us has individual strengths and weaknesses. By acting together in synergy, we contribute as a whole to our common goals and the success of our customers.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness We strive to maintain a lean organization, lowering the total cost of ownership and providing real value to our customers.
  • Excellence We continuously strive for excellence by "raising the bar" and delivering the very best to our customers.
  • Care We are a people-oriented business. We genuinely care for each other.
  • Growth New sales are the lifeline of our company, ensuring longevity and prosperity for all stakeholders.

The Amdocs Values outline the kind of experience we want to provide for customers. And they influence our Corporate Responsibility philosophy. With offices in more than 50 countries, Amdocs' global workplace demands that we uphold high standards of corporate responsibility, with regard to our environmental impact, product quality or human rights.