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In today's world where local businesses have many potential ways to connect with consumers, traffic is of the utmost importance. Increasing ad space inventory and exposure, creating an engaging consumer experience and connecting local businesses with consumers require you to develop a broad partnership network.

Ad networks are a common means of multiplying the value to the customer by onboarding traffic partners to the digital ecosystem. As a result, considerable attention has been attracted by both established players and new entrants, making it very challenging to ensure a cost-effective, large-scale operation suitable for the local digital experience.

Amdocs offers a robust, industry-proven platform to enable and scale up local ad network operations, bringing competitive value to your customers and maximizing traffic monetization opportunities. Amdocs Ad Network Monetization Pack is a complete suite of products to facilitate your local ad network operation and:
  • expand your footprint across online and mobile media
  • enable flexible partnerships and monetization models
  • support the key needs of local businesses – from self- and full-serve campaign management and inventory yield optimization to hyper-local and hyper-personal targeting capabilities
  • strengthen your market reach and benefit from new distribution channels, increased revenues and customer satisfaction, faster time to market and improved market positioning
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