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Amdocs Digital Fulfillment (brochure)
Today's local advertisers have to contend with multiple vendors, inefficient processes, manual triage and ineffective tracking and control to manage the fulfillment of their numerous digital product offerings. This results in an unsustainable digital fulfillment process environment.

Amdocs Digital Fulfillment Management addresses the industry's critical requirements by streamlining and automating the order-to-bill fulfillment processes between you and your multiple fulfillment vendors. It handles the workflow from the moment an order is taken until the product is live and ready to be billed. Amdocs Blueprint to Digital™ facilitates the scalability you require to manage digital growth by helping you grow your operations profitably.

With streamlined and automated order-to-bill fulfillment, you gain visibility and actionable service-level agreements (SLAs), enabling you to more efficiently manage growth in a complex multi-party environment. Amdocs Digital Fulfillment Management enables you to deliver quality and timely service while:
  • shortening the order-to-bill time reducing costs across operations by streamlined and optimized processes
  • improving control and tracking work - whether performed in house or outsourced - through a unified dashboard and real-time alerts
  • optimizing content collection and management processes and facilitating their re-use
  • providing customers with full visibility of the fulfillment of their orders
  • increasing flexibility to rapidly introduce new products and vendors
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