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Amdocs Sales Companion (brochure)
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In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the role of a one-stop-shop for all local business media needs is critical. By shifting sales force automation models from selling products to insight-based service-driven engagements you can deliver tangible, transparent and ongoing value. 

Sales force automation is a key pillar of Amdocs Blueprint to Digital™ which helps you deliver the engaging and insightful sales experience. Amdocs Sales Companion is uniquely tailored to serve the evolving needs of local media consultants so they are indispensable to local advertisers. Equipped with market benchmarks and optimized advertising campaigns, Amdocs Sales Companion allows media consultants to continue providing the ongoing services that promote trust and provide insight to the customers.

Combining the right toolkit alongside best practices and processes to increase sales and reduce cost, Amdocs Sales Companion help you retain and grow a loyal customer base. It enables the ultimate experience for both the sales force and advertisers across multiple sales channels, including field sales, telemarketing, partners and online self-service for:
  • improved productivity and simplified sales activity planning tasks
  • reduced preparation time, offering “what-if” scenarios and increased closure rates with a 360o customer view and intelligent proposal recommendation analytics
  • greater confidence within sales teams with compelling presentations, performance analysis and on-the-fly product demonstrations
  • increased sales conversion rates with personalized pre-populated proposals based on market and customer data
  • historical sales performance data analysis with comprehensive reports and a dedicated integration layer to tap into the sales back-office systems
  • improved on-the-go field sales experience with mobility enablers, including Amdocs Sales Companion for Tablet which features flexible online and offline operational modes
  • reduced overall opportunity-to-sale and order-to-cash cycles
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