Multi-Channel Customer Care Solution

Stand Out from Your Competition with Superior Customer Care

You're not the only company trying to win your customer’s business, and offering them a better customer experience isn’t enough. Often, the customer interaction is not the positive experience that you intended. That’s why it’s vital to resolve service issues as quickly as possible-before they affect your customers. Otherwise, a reactive approach to service problems can damage your business, translating into costly unfulfilled service level agreements, high operational costs, and poorly informed, unhappy customers who might take their business elsewhere.

We understand the importance of customer experience management. Amdocs MULTI-Channel Customer Care helps deliver high-quality support to keep customers happy and ensure you stand out from the competition.

  • Aligns your services with your business objectives for operational efficiencies and lower costs
  • Allows you to control every aspect of the service process, from initial customer contact through to onsite resolution
  • Helps you quickly understand customer issues for faster resolution
  • Simplifies and speeds up the introduction of new services
  • Protects customer satisfaction by proactively notifying them about service changes