Customer Management

It's All About the Customer Experience

Service providers today are facing intense competitive challenges from other operators, over-the-top (OTT) players and device manufacturers. The only way service providers can retain and grow their customer base is by creating differentiation via a simplified customer experience across all assisted and unassisted channels. The Amdocs Customer Management portfolio is geared to help service providers optimize their current sales and service processes, as well as leverage valuable customer insight to proactively address emerging issues before they reach customers.

In the past, many service providers were focused on differentiating their network quality, attractive pricing or the cool devices they offered. Today, most service providers understand that these aspects, while important, do not guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. The only way to stay ahead of traditional competitors, as well as the new breed of competitors (OTT application developers such as Viber and Skype; device manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, etc.) is by delivering a great customer experience. And since the world of communications has become a blizzard of choice with complex combinations of products, services and applications, the best way service providers can differentiate is by simplifying the customer experience.

Amdocs Customer Management solutions include:

  • Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop unifies your agents' desktop to optimize contact center operations across all lines of business, for all business processes

  • Amdocs Smart Device Support integrates CRM and mobile device management to empower Level 1 and Level 2 agents in the contact center to resolve smart device support issues quickly and effectively

  • Amdocs Enterprise Customer Management maximizes the value of your business customers by driving profitability while delivering a differentiating enterprise customer experience

  • Amdocs Sales Quote Order prevents order errors by ensuring that new sales are transferred into the order handling engine as quotes

  • Amdocs ​Multichannel Self Service enables customers to easily self-manage their account and shop online utilizing the web portal or any mobile device, smartphone or tablet

  • Amdocs Retail Experience empowers service providers' retail sales associates to seize every revenue opportunity, while delivering a more efficient in-store experience

  • Amdocs Convergent Order Hub provides an automated end-to-end ordering solution to reduce error fallout rates and operational complexity while providing a superior customer experience to your customers

  • Amdocs Proactive Care anticipates customer care needs and addresses them proactively

  • Real-Time Customer Feedback enables service providers to improve the customer experience across all touch points using real-time analytics

  • Marketing Automation provides a closed loop solution enabling marketers to develop a proactive relationship with their customers