Sales & Ordering

Is your business skipping a beat? Solve it with Amdocs Sales Management Software

Sales and their resulting orders are the heartbeat of your business. No business can afford to skip a beat - or lose an order. How do you make sure that the correct ordering process is being triggered with every sale? And how can you keep track of all the parameters associated with each order to ensure that you deliver it correctly?

We realize how important each customer is to you, and have a relentless focus on balancing back-end precision while providing a superior customer experience. With products such as our sales management software as building blocks, Amdocs has solutions to fit your every need.

Bridging your business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS), we gather what your customers need, and dig deep in the network to deliver what you promised to your customer. The Amdocs Sales and Ordering products and solutions nurture your business customers, and makes sure that your sales pipeline evolves into cashable orders. And by supporting assisted channels such as contact center and retail stores, as well as unassisted channels such as the Web and third-party systems, Amdocs Ordering does the heavy lifting to support your mass-market customers.