Multi-Channel Selling Solution

Converge Your Sales Channels to Seize Every Revenue Opportunity

Different customers like to shop via different channels: some prefer to go online, others enjoy visiting the store, while others would rather contact the call center. In fact, many customers actually end up using multiple channels for a single transaction.

Problem is, most customers don’t get the same simple and consistent experience in every channel, and often find it difficult to move a single purchase or service transaction over to another channel, and pick up where they left off. This is because most service providers have separate IT systemsservicing their multi channel ecommerce and sales channels such as the call center, retail and self service, which ends up fragmenting and lengthening the customer experience, frustrating customers, and in some cases, even encouraging them to churn.

This sub-optimal environment calls for a new approach: a multi-channel (omni) eco-system that brings together all the different channels around a common set of backbone "hubs" and allows customers to seamlessly hop between channels during a single purchase interaction.

The Amdocs Multi-Channel Selling Solution converges all your retail (B2C) sales channels (from self service online portals, retail outlets to contact center agents) to deliver the best possible shopping experience to your customers, and help you to seize every revenue opportunity.

With the Amdocs Multi-Channel Selling Solution, you can:
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with a simple, consistent, and personal shopping experience across sales channels
  • Increase customer “stickiness” by ensuring that customer needs are met
  • Maximize sales by allowing purchase transactions to span channels
  • Increase customer wallet share/ARPU by positioning relevant cross-sell offers
  • Help agent-assisted channels to hone in on the right mix of products and services for each individual customer

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