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OSS Consolidation


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Amdocs OSS Service and Resource Management provides a comprehensive and future-proof platform to replace and enhance legacy OSS systems. Our Network Inventory and Network Discovery is the market's leading telecom inventory solution, managing network and service capacity by maintaining a complete and accurate model of all services and resources. Amdocs' network and IT inventory software supports all network and IT technologies, devices and services from both a physical and logical perspective. Our inventory model is built using an abstraction layer, which means any service, technology or vendor can be modeled quickly and consistently. And Amdocs’ discovery and reconciliation processes ensure that this model accurately represents the state of the live network.

Amdocs Service Order Management builds on this accurate network resource model, providing an automated solution to manage the service order lifecycle and help you fulfill complex and bundled orders quickly and accurately. Wherever the order originates, whether from self service or a customer agent, our service order management software takes each order and decomposes it into a sequence of interdependent tasks. It then orchestrates their completion across one or multiple fulfillment systems. Orders can include both manual and automated tasks, such as engineer site visits, equipment provisioning and configuration.

The starting point for all operational functions is visibility and accuracy – if you don't know what you have and where it is located, you can't operate effectively. Even the smallest provider will have many millions invested in their networks and for the largest, these networks are immensely complex. Only by possessing an accurate model of both network and services can costs be minimized, so that service providers can simply experience by providing customers with the kind of unique, personalized experience that they demand.

Consolidate with our comprehensive and future-proof inventory

Technical data about your network may be spread across multiple databases, spreadsheets and reports. Inevitably this makes it outdated, inaccurate and inaccessible. The Amdocs OSS Resource Manager is designed to store telecom network information and rigorously enforce the interdependencies between related elements. Physical device modeling drills down to the individual card and port level. Air conditioning and power and space constraints can be associated with any vendor equipment. To reduce time to deploy, Amdocs provides pre-configured models for most common transmission technologies, such as Ethernet, SDH, ATM and IP, showing logical connectivity across the network. Relationships between physical and logical elements are maintained.

This complex and detailed information can be viewed by engineering and planning staff in a variety of ways, with easy navigation of relationships between devices and logical use. A single view through one user interface simplifies access for engineers and reduces the possibility of error.

With a highly configurable design based on meta-data, future technologies and products can easily be added to the system, making it future-proof for the demands of tomorrow’s networks. Our rich and fully documented APIs allow integration with third party systems and other applications.

Keep your inventory up-to-date with the future

Your inventory should be the start of every network change and upgrade, not the end point. Our automated and simple design tools ensure that each network project is technically valid – comprehensive rule-checking and limited menu choices guide the designer to using known and unallocated capacity. After completion, the network configuration is uploaded and compared with the planned change, highlighting and resolving any discrepancies. By using the inventory as the primary design tool, network planning engineers can both view future planned changes and show the network as it will evolve in future months – without disturbing the accuracy of the current inventory.

The Amdocs Data Integrity Manager uploads network configuration from the live network, either directly from devices or through network management systems. This is compared with the current inventory state and discrepancies identified. A set of pre-defined business rules are used to deal with common issues that have a known resolution. This leaves a smaller and diminishing list of discrepancies requiring manual correction.

Build the basis of a truly effective OSS

It’s surprising how many service providers are still relying on spreadsheets and direct access to network management systems to plan and evolve their networks. A comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date telecom inventory forms the basis for many advanced OSS tasks.

Capacity planning, capacity management, network design and impact analysis all require an accurate and complete network inventory. The increased efficiency enabled by a single, consolidated inventory solution delivers substantial benefits for both CAPEX and OPEX savings across the entire network cost base (and not just the immediate, and more easily measured, savings for OSS planning and design staff).

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