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Amdocs OSS - Operations Support Systems


Amdocs OSS software products are used by service providers around the world to design, build, fulfill and assure their networks. No matter what type of transmission technology you use, our products address configuration, planning and service fulfillment for all types of telecommunication services.

Our latest release continues to extend and deepen the industry's most comprehensive OSS suite for service providers. It focuses on network planning and service fulfillment  from a common core of service and resource management. Our OSS solutions not only help service providers be efficient by improving your planning and operations teams, they also contribute significant financial benefits to your overall CAPEX and OPEX network equipment budgets.


We’re moving towards a world where everyone wants to be connected, anytime, anywhere and from almost any device. To support this, service providers are transitioning from mainly voice-centric to data-centric services. Considerable investments have been made in high capacity broadband for both fixed (e.g. FTTx) and mobile technologies (e.g. HSPA or LTE), both often supported by Carrier Ethernet transmission. But the design and management tools are often not kept up with this transformation.

The result? You need powerful OSS solutions to make sure your network supports the demands for increased capacity and speed, and to massively scale up the number and volume of services you deliver. Just maintaining visibility across all your services and resources is challenging enough. But if you want to improve your customer experience and cut costs, you also have to automate service creation and fulfillment, and optimize resource use for maximum capacity.


Amdocs offers a next-generation network and communications OSS solution that addresses three main aspects:

Network Planning and Design

You can’t afford to waste any of the substantial investments made in new network equipment. Whether you’re launching new technologies, upgrading capacity or changing equipment suppliers, accurate and detailed network design is essential. The Amdocs Resource Manager – a telecom inventory containing a multi-vendor view of both physical and logical network elements – provides a central reference for current and future network plans. This is kept up to date through discovery and reconciliation of network resources using our data integrity manager.

Automated design processes accelerate the effectiveness of network planners – releasing them from mundane tasks to focus on the strategic and longer term planning aspects. This leads to faster network rollout, fewer wasted truck rolls and more efficient use of resources.

Service Fulfillment

Rapid introduction of new services is often hampered by legacy back-office systems. The Amdocs Catalog-Driven Service Order Management is easily configured for new services, reducing time to market even for high volume, complex products. Order decomposition, service inventory and automated order to activation are a few of the critical components that reduce fallout and provisioning time. Whether for mobile services, wireline services, VoIP or VPN, our comprehensive and highly configurable solution fits your needs.

Amdocs OSS enables service providers to create and launch new services quickly, adapt and expand to new technologies, and respond quickly when fallout issues arise. Our solutions are highly scalable, providing the throughput to meet the needs of some of the world’s largest networks.

OSS Consolidation

Many service providers have accumulated a wide variety of different OSS platforms and systems over time, evolving and adapting to frequent introduction of new technology, products and processes. There is a danger that these legacy systems can restrict rapid introduction of new products and services, or easily adapt to changing business processes. High ongoing maintenance costs and specialized knowledge all increase total cost of operation.

Amdocs Service and Resource Management products have been deployed by many service providers worldwide to replace legacy systems. Our future-proof platform consolidates functions across multiple technologies and departments, providing a single view of current and future network plans. It also enables rapid introduction and fulfillment of new end-user services.

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