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The Amdocs Network Provisioning and Service Fulfillment offering automates the fulfillment process for delivering next-generation technologies such as DSL, voice over IP, Ethernet and Virtual Private Network (VPN). It handles all the business and technical processes involved in managing each customer order in an environment where a start, stop or change of any service is a complex task.

Different customers are supported by different equipment types, software releases and/or geographically distributed servers. Frequent network upgrades, temporary outages and a continuous introduction of new services often lead to fallout or jeopardy situations that need to be resolved quickly.

Amdocs OSS delivers service providers a comprehensive and scalable capability to handle both the largest and smallest service fulfillment scenarios efficiently and effectively.

Rapidly introduce new services

Amdocs Service Order Management
allows you to introduce new services to your customers faster and at a lower cost. Each customer order is broken down to itsbasic components, tracked and processed to completion. The same customer services are automatically adapted to cater for different vendor equipment and underlying technologies. Provisioning of multi-play services can be orchestrated across multiple fulfillment systems. Because our fulfillment process is catalog driven, new services and business processes can be configured and adapted without the need to develop entirely new fulfillment systems – instead they can be delivered using the existing system, saving time and money.

According to McKinsey research, a new product launched six months late results in a 33% loss of profit. Clearly, time to market is critical to the profitability of your new product. The faster you bring it to market, the better.

Co-ordinate complex provisioning tasks

There are often many different network elements that need to be provisioned to enable each new service. These may involve a provisioning sequence across numerous vendor equipment types and technologies. Automatic rollback to a known consistent state in case of failure and fallout management are essential capabilities for large transaction volumes. Physical equipment changes are specified through detailed work orders to engineering staff, while logical and configuration changes are updated either automatically or manually as appropriate.

Amdocs OSS Activation drives configuration updates to a wide variety of network equipment, scaling to handle the smallest to the largest throughputs. Easily adapted to cater for additional equipment and equipment types, the system determines which devices need to be updated.

Automate fulfillment processes

Amdocs provides pre-integrated, pre-configured and pre-packaged fulfillment for new fixed, mobile and cable services for both residential and business market segments. Each solution provides service and device-specific processes to reduce implementation time and total cost of ownership. New services can be implemented individually or together as part of a strategic transformation.

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