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eBook: Unleashing the Power of Experience
Learn how CES 9 is enabling service providers to address their key business challenges to unleash the power of experience.
CES 9 Video
Embrace A New Day with Amdocs CES 9

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press: Amdocs Announces Launch of Amdocs CES 9
New Suite Redefines Service Provider's Operating Environments to Revolutionize the Customer Experience
CES 9: The Industry’s only integrated BSS, OSS, Network Control suite
Amdocs CES 9 is the only integrated suite that redefines the customer exp​erience from the device to the network.
CES 9 enables service providers to rapidly launch and monetize innovative offers, and personalize every experience with real-time insight. 

CES 9 allows customers to take control of their experiences across any channel, network, service or device.
posted Feb 5
posted Feb 5
Embrace a New Day with CES 9

See how CES 9 is redefining the customer experience