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Launch new operations without compromise

The multifaceted world of MVNOs-Growth and challenges ahead

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As service providers are constantly under pressure to cut operational costs while still maintaining operational efficiency and high customer experience, they often need to compromise either on profitability or system competence. The need to capture market share forces service providers to desperately seek out their competitive edge. This is especially true of smaller operators and MVNOs. Being a small player in today’s market requires agility, sophistication, innovation and know-how that leaves minimal room for mistakes.

Whether launching new operations or lines of business, adopting new business models (i.e. mobile virtual network operators/enablers) or launching new technologies (i.e. WiMAX), the goal is the same - to quickly launch and deliver services, while maintaining a low-cost, profitable structure.

Amdocs Compact CES solutions, with convergent real-time charging, customer care and self-care, service delivery and value-added-services and Next-Gen IN (Intelligent Network), helps service providers quickly and cost effectively launch new operations, products and value-added services-across all lines of business and on any network.

The Amdocs Compact CES incorporates:

  • Integrated convergent real-time charging
  • Complete service delivery and control
    • Service control and Intelligent Network (IN)
    • Service creation
    • Value Added Services (VAS) and messaging
    • Application and media servers (IVR, USSD, etc.)
  • Customer care and self-care
  • Business support
  • On premise implementation or cloud-based, public/private
  • Managed services

Amdocs Compact CES solutions support FULL convergence of:

  • ANY network /protocol (GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, IMS)
  • ANY service
  • ANY payment method (prepaid /postpaid, vouchers, money transfer)