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Amdocs Digital Commerce Solution


Are your content sales sluggish? Are you struggling to attract buyers to your storefront? Are you looking for a way to address the growing off-portal commerce and third-party app store trend? Well … you’re not alone. The market is growing and your commerce revenue should be, too. Many service providers, whether established players or new entrants, are revisiting their digital commerce strategies to capture a larger share of the growing market.

Amdocs Digital Commerce Solution is the best-in-class commerce solution deployed at some of the largest communications service providers and galaxies worldwide. Amdocs Digital Commerce Solution helps you revamp your portal and storefront into state-of-the-art retailing platforms. The solution will enable you to sell content through any channel - your own portals as well as third party storefronts, app stores and merchant aggregators – through any business model. It also supports the management of any type of content (apps, games, video, audio) and delivery to any type of device (mobile, tablet, PC and IPTV). Moreover, Amdocs Digital Commerce Solution comes with multi-tenancy, multi-language, and multi-currency built-in, so you can support multiple portals, storefronts, or subsidiaries on a single instance of the solution, making it a perfect fit for galaxies.

  • Sell more content and apps in your storefronts

  • Capitalize on the mobile off-portal commerce and app store trend

  • Help users find premium content they’re looking for faster

  • Grow your digital services business more profitably
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