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Service providers need to support virtually any service model strategy for data, based on advanced customer models combined with dynamic contextual network-level information. While bandwidth management has been the primary policy control use case of the past few years, policy control is fast becoming table stakes for enabling rich, dynamic services and models that keep consumers and business users engaged. However, policy control’s reach must extend beyond the network to business support systems (BSS), to enable complex service definition and real-time charging controls in innovative data services and plans. 

The Amdocs Policy Controller is a high-performance, scalable, proven policy charging and rules function (PCRF) server that is widely deployed in Tier 1 3G and LTE networks today. It is designed to help service providers reduce the burden of mobile data transactional growth on their network, monetize dynamic services and manage the customer data experience in real time. 

It combines sophisticated metering capabilities with a highly configurable business rules engine, to apply intelligent, real-time controls - managing quality of service (QoS) changes, enforcing usage quotas and enabling a range of services such as shared wallet, VoLTE, top up, tiered plans and more.

Amdocs Policy Controller is an integral part of the Amdocs CES 9 suite, uniquely bridging network and IT domains. It features a powerful, standards-based integration of real-time policy and charging controls for service innovation and data monetization, and offers unique BSS integration for improved service accuracy.

Amdocs Policy Controller is now also available as a pre-packaged virtual appliance, as part of the Amdocs suite of network control products. The Elastic PCRF allows service providers to break the link between hardware and software, benefitting from improved performance scalability, and rapid introduction of new services to the market.

Why Amdocs Policy Controller?

  • Standards-based PCRF with 3GPP support for 3G and LTE networks, with multi-access support (including Wi-Fi)

  • Sophisticated policy toolkit approach for rapid creation of innovative market offers, accelerating time to market for new services

  • Onboard metering engine for time and volume-based quota management, based on application type and subscriber service tier

  • Proven and broad interoperability with all major network equipment vendors and specialists, and for a range of network enforcement points (gateway, DPI and optimization, for example) providing a future-proof solution for any network deployment

  • Now part of Amdocs CES 9, featuring productized, standards-based integration to Amdocs Omni Convergent Charging and Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog for improved service definition accuracy, new charging-enabled services and rapid time to market

  • Available in a virtualized deployment option enabling rapid service turn-up, and addressing the unique requirements of new market segments such as enterprise, M2M and public safety
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