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The Amdocs Data Experience Solution is the industry's first pre-integrated policy and charging solution designed exclusively to enable rapid mobile data service creation and monetization, with a comprehensive set of pre-configured market offers that allow mobile operators to accelerate time to market for innovative new services.

A pre-integrated hardware/software system featuring an integrated policy and charging engine, product catalog, subscriber authentication and management, and diameter routing, the Amdocs Data Experience Solution provides standard interfaces and adaptors to ensure smooth integration with 3G and 4G mobile packet core deployments and legacy BSS systems.

Why Amdocs Data Experience Solution?
  • First in the industry to offer pre-configured market offers out of the box to accelerate time-to-market

  • Ensures a superior data experience for subscribers with a broad choice of services and options available through the market offers, including dynamic on-demand options

  • Available as pre-integrated hardware and software system to accelerate deployment

  • Features standards-based 3GPP interfaces to mobile packet core, and integration adaptors to BSS, for ease of insertion with legacy network and IT systems

  • Provides a common service definition framework enabled through the product catalog for accurate service realization across policy and charging systems

  • Enables introduction of real-time policy and charging control in a turnkey offering for fast deployment

  • 4G LTE ready – features proven 3GPP standards support for rapid and seamless migration to Long Term Evolution (LTE)
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