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Bring real-time control to the data experience

Control Plane
Elasticity & Virtualization in the 4G Core
Quality of network experience continues to drive customer satisfaction, new revenue streams and differentiation in the highly competitive data services market. Real-time network control gives service providers the ability to shape the data experience on fixed and mobile networks – and continuously innovate with personalized and innovative data services that leverage speed and quality of service (QoS).

Using Amdocs network control solutions, service providers can:
  • generate revenues with sophisticated data services that leverage advanced policy control to manage VoLTE and RCS, tiered plans, shared wallet, zero rating, video on demand and more
  • monetize the explosive growth in Wi-Fi with policy-driven services and quality of experience (QoE) management across access networks
  • support bare metal and fully virtualized deployment – and gain service agility without compromising performance or functionality
  • leverage a standards-based approach and the industry’s broadest multi-vendor network equipment interoperability

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