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Power Policy

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Service providers continue to focus on the end-to-end customer experience as an opportunity for differentiation, customer satisfaction and value creation. Dynamic network control functions – such as network and policy controls – are now the cornerstone of data experience innovation.  These controls allow service providers to manage the data experience in real time by controlling access to 3G, 4G, fixed, Wi-Fi and convergent networks; managing network resource consumption, such as bandwidth; and leveraging dynamic controls to engage subscribers with innovative services, such as upsell, bandwidth boost, data pass and more.

Amdocs offers a suite of vendor-neutral, standalone network control products that reside in the control plane of the evolved packet core, and bring dynamic and real-time control to the subscriber data experience. Mobile and fixed operators leverage our solutions to:

  • Innovate and automate with dynamic  services, driving customer loyalty and engagement, and new service revenues

  • Transform networks to 3G and 4G LTE

  • Use Wi-Fi as a natural network extension and monetize Wi-Fi services

  • Optimize 3G and 4G network capacity with intelligent resource management, congestion controls and intelligent offload to alternate networks

  • Break the traditional links between hardware and software and move towards a truly virtualized control plane
Amdocs' network control products offer the industry’s broadest multi-vendor interoperability to allow service providers to avoid vendor lock-in with easy insertion of Amdocs network control solutions into their existing deployments.  

Amdocs network control solutions:

3G/LTE Control Plane - 3GPP-compliant solutions

Multi-Access Control Plane - Serves mobile and fixed networks simultaneously, providing a common set of control plane functions

Wi-Fi Control - Provides secure and transparent access from 3G/4G to Wi-Fi, real-time controls for premium Wi-Fi services, seamless offload from 3G/4G
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