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Power Policy

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To meet the demands of exponential mobile data traffic growth, service providers are leveraging multiple access network technologies, changing the economics of delivering data-intensive services. With technology consolidation, 4G overlay and extended roaming coverage across multiple networks, it's vital to balance the various traffic requirements across multiple access networks simultaneously. 

Amdocs' pre-integrated suite of multi-access control products serves multiple access networks simultaneously to support a range of services across fixed and mobile networks to decrease traffic congestion and costs. 

Amdocs network control plane products, including the Amdocs Policy Controller and Amdocs Subscriber Data Broker, are now available as virtualized appliances, enabling service providers to benefit from improved performance and scalability, and rapid introduction of new services to the market.

Amdocs Multi-Access Control Plane Suite offers the following benefits:


  • Pre-integrated product suite to accelerate time to market 
  • Broad standards support and multi-vendor interoperability to ensure rapid deployment in fixed and mobile networks

Find out more about the Amdocs Multi-Access Control Plane Suite:

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