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amdocs big data analytics

Amdocs Smart Net

Redefining the Customer Experience Across Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks

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Service providers are increasingly depending upon Wi-Fi, which offers multiple benefits. The sheer volume of data travelling through overburdened 3G and 4G networks has caused service providers to turn to Wi-Fi to alleviate congestion and provide coverage extension quickly and efficiently.

Wi-Fi is also valuable for providing roaming support when consumers are fearful of activating data overseas. Domestically, it often supplements wireless data service for end users (iPads that don’t have data plans, etc.).

There are also implications for Big Data and Real-Time Analytics, because Wi-Fi helps service providers know much more about their subscribers. And operators can achieve service and brand differentiation by offering Wi-Fi in addition to the traditional voice and data packages.

Enhancing Wi-Fi to Meet Ever-Changing Service Providers’ Needs

Many of today’s Wi-Fi solutions do not fully meet service providers’ needs. They are looking for easier authentication, seamless handover between networks and session continuity – all of these are key in providing a good customer experience.

Ninety-two percent of service providers said they would be interested in a device-based policy solution that would select the best network (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) based on cost, performance and other policy-driven features.

Introducing Amdocs Smart Net Solution

Amdocs Smart Net is an intelligent Wi-FI offload solution that leverages Amdocs’ on-device Connection Manager and Amdocs Intelligent Access Controller. This solution provides service providers with access to network performance from the user’s perspective, ensuring subscribers receive a seamless and consistent Wi-Fi experience across SIM and SIM-less devices and platforms. Service providers can increase average revenue per user by driving offload and on-load decisions based on subscriber value, data plans and policy.

Amdocs Smart Net solution at a glance:
  • Provides a better understanding of the relationship between network traffic and quality of experience (QoE) by using Big Data collection and analytics to determine traffic patterns, device behavior and Wi-Fi activity

  • Utilizes Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) and smart Wi-Fi/3G/4G balancing by distributing subscriber sessions across multiple network resources, utilizing real-time information and Big Data analytics.

  • Improves the planning of Wi-Fi deployment by analyzing all relevant data on the operators’ cellular and Wi-Fi networks

  • Leverages the existing Amdocs footprint (B/OSS, Wi-Fi Experience solution {WES} and Policy)
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