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Ensuring a Superior Wi-Fi Experience

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Did you know? In a recent global survey of service providers:
  • 84% of operators do not have a dedicated team evaluating Wi-Fi strategy; rather it is being led by technology strategy teams

  • 40% identified service differentiation as their number one objective; with 30% identifying data offload as their top objective

  • Providing a seamless subscriber experience between cellular and Wi-Fi networks ranked 8 out of 10 in importance

  • Technical barriers like authentication and authorization top the list of service provider concerns
The widespread availability of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, combined with the overwhelming popularity of Wi-Fi, represents a significant business opportunity for service providers. Not only does Wi-Fi offer additional capacity for operators as data usage continues to grow in fixed and mobile networks - it also provides opportunities for new services.

A key requirement for success are intelligent, real-time network controls in the Wi-Fi network that ensure a superior customer access experience and enable new Wi-Fi services together with the ability to offload traffic from congested 3G and LTE networks. Amdocs offers Wi-Fi network control solutions designed to help you:
  • Provide secure and transparent access to the network

  • Implement dynamic, real-time controls for enabling innovative Wi-Fi services

  • Ensure seamless offload of subscribers to Wi-Fi from 3G/4G networks

  • Support Wi-Fi service enablement on-load for casual users or existing customers
Amdocs Wi-Fi solutions are Tier 1 proven and provide broad multi-vendor interoperability with leading Wi-Fi vendors and devices to accelerate rapid time to market.

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