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Wi-Fi Experience Solution

The Wi-Fi Service Advantage

Once a competing technology, Wi-Fi provides extended network coverage and capacity to fixed and mobile operators. Increasingly, Wi-Fi is becoming an extension of the data service bundle, highlighting the strategic importance of Wi-Fi as a service differentiator.

The popularity of Wi-Fi signals new opportunities for service providers and cable MSOs to complement existing mobile broadband or data services with Wi-Fi; offload 3G and LTE traffic to protect infrastructure; on-load new customers and devices using Wi-Fi and differentiate service offerings through an enhanced Wi-Fi experience with innovative new services, including premium coverage and improved speed and quality of service(QoS) options.

Introducing Amdocs Wi-Fi Experience Solution

The Amdocs Wi-Fi Experience Solution is a Wi-Fi control and monetization solution that enables mobile and fixed broadband service providers and cable MSOs to accelerate the introduction of innovative Wi-Fi services. Pre-integrated to ensure fast deployment, the solution features unique policy control and authentication capabilities for subscriber onboarding, service innovation, and a portal framework that integrates with the service provider’s existing customer service portal and payment systems for rapid service monetization.

The Amdocs Wi-Fi Experience Solution allows service providers to extend existing data services with Wi-Fi by offering a common data subscription management approach across 3G/4G/fixed and Wi-Fi networks

Amdocs Wi-Fi Experience Solution at a glance:
  • Enables transparent subscriber Wi-Fi access, with transparent authentication for SIM-based devices (cellular phones, SIM-equipped tablets), and easy and flexible authentication for non-SIM based mobile devices (laptops, notebooks, tablets)

  • Delivers single, unified subscription management for Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data services.

  • Unique dynamic policy control and metering support for innovative premium Wi-Fi services (e.g., based on time, volume, speed and QoS)

  • Provides a seamless authentication experience while offloading stressed macro 3G or 4G networks, or integrating Wi-Fi traffic onto mobile and/or fixed data infrastructures

  • Supports Wi-Fi service enablement with integrated portal framework, allowing extension of Wi-Fi as a service for casual users

  • Enables broad and seamless Wi-Fi coverage by supporting Wi-Fi roaming across partner hotspots - subscriber authentication information can be passed (via AAA proxy) from a visiting partner’s network to a home network for secure and fast authentication

  • Delivers flexible deployment architecture with high availability, including advanced features such as database replication, and local redundancy and geo-redundancy options
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