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Amdocs Unified Communications Solution

Ensure you remain at the heart of your customers’ communication requirements

In this era of always-on communications, customers use many different channels to keep in touch beyond conventional telephony: voice over IP, video calls, instant messaging, and social networks, provided mainly by over-the-top players such as Skype, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. While presenting a very fragmented offering to the end-user, these services put service providers at risk of losing their relationship and relevance with subscribers for basic communication services ‒ not to mention messaging and voice-calling revenues. So what can service providers do?

Amdocs Unified Communications is a rich, service provider-branded solution that enables service providers to go to market quickly with an innovative mobile application, bringing messaging services, video and voice over IP (VoIP) calling together for an even better user experience in the connected world. Accessed via iOS and Android device apps or through a web portal, the solution acts as the launch pad for all the end-user’s communication needs:
  • Compatible with existing social networks and online communities, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and future-proof through the GSMA’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard

  • Modular, allowing for the addition of advertising and premium features such as video conferencing and whiteboarding to monetize the service

  • Integrated with third-party networks for instant messaging and VoIP, including Google Talk and Facebook Messenger, as well as the device's capabilities to directly launch a call or send an SMS from the app

  • All end user’s social network and mobile communities gathered into one unified address book keeping the subscriber inside the service provider’s brand for messaging, VoIP conversations and video chats with their contacts

  • Syndicated interoperability among operators and can be offered to non-subscribers, extending the service provider’s branch reach

  • Video/VoIP calling
  • "Tap to add" conferencing
  • VoIP to GSM calling
  • Smart call routing
  • Voice messaging
  • Conference recording
  • Third-party VoIP interoperability
  • Video mail, Video mute
  • Screen sharing
  • Integration with corporate PBXes


  • Smart contact merging from multiple sources
  • Automatically synced across all devices
  • Single identity across devices & networks
  • Contact editing
  • Location aware address book
  • Remote log-out
  • Local address book back-up/restore
  • Integration with corporate address book


  • Converged interface for all messaging
  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Social feeds reading & editing
  • Third-party IM interoperability
  • Smart IM routing to SMS
  • File transfer
  • Emoticons
Amdocs Unified Communications feature set

  • Increases customer loyalty by providing a unified, branded launch pad for all communications

  • Ensures relevant customer services with the richest unified communications solution

  • Builds new revenue streams through metered data packages, premium features and applications

  • Accelerates high-value network subscription (e.g. 4G) by providing a differentiating communication service

  • Facilitates short time to market while benefitting from a future proof RCS compatible solution