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Support Services

Amdocs Support Offering – Meeting Your Business Needs

Amdocs Support offers a unique and comprehensive set of support services that enable service providers to accelerate the value gained from their investment in Amdocs, while maintaining continuous systems operations. Amdocs Support’s unified offering, which is based on extensive experience with business-critical applications, helps Amdocs’ customers overcome their challenges and experience success.

support services 

Amdocs Product Support

Amdocs Product Support is comprised of three tiered components. The Amdocs Preferred Support package includes a wide variety of support services to maintain business-critical applications. It can be further enhanced with the Amdocs Premium Support package for committed service level agreement restoration time and a dedicated support account manager. The Premium Onsite Support offering provides pinpoint support services onsite, including speedy service level agreements for core and customization layers, performed by Amdocs’ proven support experts.

Amdocs Ongoing Support Services

Amdocs Ongoing Support offers solution support by product experts for Amdocs installed solutions, including case analysis and restoration, optimization of system operability and cost-efficient operations support. It also features future releases support, including enhancement planning and implementation, to ensure systems keep pace with your business.

Amdocs Proactive Professional Services

Amdocs Proactive Professional Services, which are provided by Amdocs applications experts, are pinpoint services that solve key challenges across the entire solution lifecycle for successful project completion and effective system adoption.

Learn more about Amdocs Product Support and access our official support Web site.
Amdocs Support

Amdocs Support
Amdocs Product Support Site

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