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Amdocs Services

Reduce risks with strategic partnership

Amdocs Services
Portfolio (Infographic)

Pressured by challenges such as increased competition, the continual emergence of new technologies, and ever-increasing investor expectations, service providers today are seeking a strategic partnership that reduces risks, competes more effectively and enhances the customer experience. All this while they strive to achieve efficient and optimized operations.

As a leading provider of services for the communications industry, Amdocs offers a comprehensive range of innovative IT and business services solutions to help service providers drive growth, improve efficiencies and enhance customer experience.

Our innovative services offerings cover each stage of the service provider business life cycle – from building a vision and strategy through implementation and transformation, to operations. Each dedicated offering is designed with a focus on innovation and business outcomes based on industry standards, Amdocs best practices and expertise with over 250 customers and 2500 projects around the globe.

With over 30 years of experience fully committed to the communications industry and supporting the world’s largest service providers, Amdocs is best positioned to help service providers achieve their goals and optimize business outcome.

Our comprehensive portfolio enables our customers to make the right choices for the future and solve problems before they arise. These offerings enable Amdocs to become a true business partner and invest in the journey to successful business outcomes together with our customers.