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Service Based Solutions

Services that span your business lifecycle

The connected world is developing rapidly and creating new business and technological challenges every day. To succeed in the connected world, service providers must focus their attention on four key business imperatives.

Simplify Experience – Service providers need to simplify experience for the customer by eliminating complexities. This means making sure the experience is simple and personalized, and delivers clear value across the customer experience lifecycle.

Harness Data – Demand for data continues to grow exponentially and service providers have to find out how best to meet that demand. To succeed in the connected world, service providers must harness data. Amdocs services solutions allow service providers to open up new revenue streams across all lines of business, and optimize networks and massive data usage growth.

Stay Ahead – Service providers need to expand into new lines of business to uncover new sources of revenue. Amdocs ensures our customers stay ahead by allowing them to focus on their business while we take full ownership of all their IT needs.

Be Efficient – Amdocs Global Consulting Services and Amdocs Managed Services portfolios help our customers to be efficient, effectively optimizing their organization and reducing the costs of day to day operations. System integration and professional services allow Amdocs to transform your business and IT operations seamlessly, ensuring business continuity.

Our services solutions include: Additional Services