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System Integration Testing

Our testing consulting services offer professional analysis of your testing practices, tools and technology.

Our Test Consulting Services include:

Automation Optimization

Automation optimizing analysis results in recommendations that let you improve your automation by implementing our practical ROI-based approach.

Technology Modernization

Technology modernization analysis helps choose the optimal selection of testing tools and technology. We evaluate better utilization of technology available to your organization. 

Test Assessment

Test assessment provides an overall review of the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing activities. Our assessment methodology uses interviews with key testing leaders and an analysis of your testing deliverables in a short time frame to provide recommendations on how to cut costs and ensure software deployments are not delayed and production milestones are met.

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The Amdocs Testing Center of Excellence also provides strategic test assessment, a proactive on-site service that analyzes the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing activities so you can cut costs by ensuring deployments are not delayed and production is met.

If your organization is interested in strategic test assessment, contact us