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Operational Support Systems (OSS) Services

Optimize your network operations

Amdocs Operational Support Systems services help service providers maximize the utilization of their network infrastructure. We help you implement network planning and service fulfillment, service assurance and other OSS applications and tools to effectively and efficiently manage your network.

Key OSS consulting services:
  • Fault Management: Helps service providers make sense of the flood of information out there and reduce the amount of data providing manageable and usable information that is clear, concise and easily acted upon

  • Workforce Management: Promotes effective management of field service technicians ensuring they have the correct skills, tools, products, and time to effectively complete the required work

  • Performance Management: Delivers efficient business solutions including real time business activity monitoring, automatic impact analysis, problem correlation, notification and action, data visualization calculation and training

  • Service Quality Management: Supports service providers in defining measurable customer expectations for services, allowing them to build and manage associated SLA compliance

  • Data Integrity Management: Allows effective network management by providing a complete and accurate view of all services

  • Business Intelligence/KPI: Assists service providers in identifying effective policies for efficient access to their data supporting data mapping, KPI definition, dashboard design and deployment, data migration, data warehouse design and implementation and data normalization
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