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Revenue Management Services

Maximize your revenue potential

Amdocs Revenue Management Services help service providers enhance their revenue management operations and achieve revenue realization. Our services encompass billing and charging, prepaid market stimulation, product lifecycle management, partner management and revenue assurance areas.

Key revenue management consulting services:
  • Prepaid Stimulation: With more devices on the market, including smartphones and tablets offering greater access to a broader set of services, there are increasing opportunities and challenges for service providers in the prepaid market.

  • Operational Health Check focuses on a proactive approach to optimizing the charging and billing systems’ performance, as well as operational procedures.

  • Product Lifecycle Management: An integrated approach to managing and optimizing the entire product and services lifecycle, including product and service creation, market launch and post launch tracking.

  • Product Rationalization and Simplification optimizes the current set of products and offers to make them clear, consistent, consolidated and profitable.

  • Partner Revenue Capture executes a comprehensive analysis of service providers’ B2B business. The focus in on rationalization of partner management systems and processes to maximize revenue potential and reduce partner revenue and payout leakage.

  • Dealer Management Consulting optimizes dealer network and revenues across sales channels.

  • Revenue Assurance Optimization allows service providers to improve their ability to realize revenue utilizing a standardized health-check tailored to the diagnostic needs of a specific functional area, such as credits and adjustments, mediation and billing, ordering, or receivables management.
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