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Benchmarking Product Lifecycle Management

Get to know your product lifecycle processes?

How is your organization dealing with product lifecycle? Are you satisfied with the pace your products are released to the market? Do you find it hard to compete?

The Amdocs Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps service providers streamline their product pipeline.

Amdocs recently commissioned research by the UK based independent analyst firm Telesperience  which unveiled facts which many service providers don’t know.

Did you know that?
  • Only 48% of viable products are launched
  • 60% of service providers are using manual or semi-manual PLM solutions
  • A large misalignment of expectations and reality in product launches
  • With 91% deployment, the centralized catalog concept is widely accepted
Telecommunications PLM is a new area without legacy or a wide body of evidence and there is very little research on this growing domain. The research is unique in that it reveals the trends backed by hard facts and numbers and allows benchmarking, comparing a service provider’s status against others in the industry.

For a more elaborate assessment and benchmarking, please contact an Amdocs

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