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Market Insight


  •   Ovam Amdocs Social Care Whitepaper
      Integrating social media into CRM for next generation customer experience
      Telcos need to rethink their customer care strategies with social media in mind...
  •   Can Data Become A New Currency
      Can Data Become A New Currency?
      Amdocs' new global survey finds that consumer privacy concerns have been overblown. Consumers are willing to share their personal data with service exchange for rewards.
  •   On the Road to 4Ge
      On the Road to 4G
      The move to 4G/LTE is almost inevitable, but do you have a solid rollout plan and monetization strategy?
  •   Partner Playbook
      Partner Playbook
      Who owns the customer? A new Amdocs survey finds that the battle continues between service providers, "over-the-top" players and device manufacturers.
  •   Me & My Data
      Me & My Data
      Amdocs man-on-the-street global survey reveals 10 critical strategies for improving and monetizing data services.
  •   Retention and Loyalty Survey Results
      Retention & Loyalty Survey
      Consumer interests have changed in the past 5 years, but has your retention strategy kept up? Check out the results of our retention survey.
  •   Consumer Surveys
      Global Consumer Survey
      Amdocs' comprehensive survey finds that mobile consumers can be categorized as "cyborgs," "centaurs" and "space cowboys."