Amdocs Mobile Payments


Amdocs Mobile Payments

Amdocs Mobile Payments is a new cloud-based gateway service that makes it easy for operators to enable mobile payments for their customers, and to monetize their commerce transactions.

Amdocs Mobile Payments enables operators to onboard and manage the largest set of app stores, merchants and aggregators, and process transactions for any type of goods - digital, remote, or physical. In addition Amdocs Mobile Payments makes it easy to settle against any payment method (postpaid bill, pre-paid balance or credit cards) and quickly capture new and emerging revenue streams.

Amdocs Mobile Payments is pre-integrated with Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace, other app stores, and leading merchant aggregators for digital content and virtual goods.


  • Start monetizing Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace, and other app store transactions immediately

  • Reduce on-boarding time for partners and aggregators

  • Expedite time-to-market with new mobile payments features

  • Improve efficiencies through automation and self-service tools

  • Minimize disputes by accessing transactional information at any time

  • Maximize bottom-line profitability through Amdocs’ experience and proprietary technology

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