Mobile Payments in the App Store Economy

White Paper: Mobile Payments in the App Store Economy

Winning Strategies for Telcos

With operator portals accounting for less than 7% of the 56 billion app download market in 2012, there is a pressing need today for operators to establish new revenue streams and monetize Over-The-Top channels to augment their historic incomes.

The Rise of the OTT Storefront
App Downloads to Smartphones, Featurephones & Tablets, 2012 (55.9 billion downloads)

In this White Paper from Juniper Research and Amdocs, we highlight key strategies operators can adopt to leverage core assets like billing relationship and Big (BSS) Data to drive adoption of mobile payments, both to retain their position in the digital content economy and to drive adoption for 'real world' purchases.

Some of the key issues addressed in the White Paper:

  • With consumers jettisoning operator portals and adopting OTT app stores, how can operators reclaim their stake in the digital economy?

  • Which network assets should operators leverage for implementing scalable mobile payment solutions? Which payment technology provides the highest conversion rates and accessibility?

  • What holds greater monetization potential in the foreseeable future for operators - NFC or Direct Carrier Billing?

  • What strategies can operators adopt to lead financial inclusion for billions of people who are unbanked and under-banked?
This White Paper is jointly released by Juniper Research and Amdocs to reveal actionable market insights for operators. The research program is led by Juniper Research, anchoring data derived from Amdocs' experience in powering mobile payment transactions for the largest operators and app stores.

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