Community Commitment

We are committed to each other and respect our people

Integral to the Amdocs culture and strategy – from the CEO down and across every office – is the belief that as a prosperous company, we must strive to be actively involved in the communities where our employees live and work. Contributing from our resources and talents, our mission is to help societies thrive through responsible engagement at the local level.

Started by a single visionary employee, the Amdocs community relations initiative has now grown to over 80 social responsibility partnerships in India, Israel, North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and APAC. Approximately 10% of our employee base is involved, many of whom volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis. These employees work directly with more than 4,000 children worldwide, while many more employees help thousands more indirectly through donations and disaster reliefs.

Our Vision

In 2002, Amdocs employees chose the theme which continues to represent Amdocs community relations:
Support the well-being and enhance the educational opportunities of children at risk in the communities that we call home.
In order to offer these children the prospect of a better future, we must do what we can today to alleviate social gaps and create opportunities for those who might otherwise be left out. Our community commitment takes on many different aspects but one common thread runs throughout: the desire of Amdocs volunteers to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Operating Model:
  1. Long-term, cross-sector partnerships in the communities where Amdocs has sites
  2. Employee volunteering supported by financial investment
  3. obal network of social leaders among Amdocs volunteers, who lead the community partnerships on a local level
  4. uation and measurement of the social return on investment and employee engagement

The story so far

Long-Term, Cross-Sector Partnerships:

This model of long-term and dedicated commitment is a unique quality of our community activities and brings specific benefits to the volunteering employees, those receiving our support and the company as a whole. It means we are able to see meaningful results – for example children who we have worked with going to university and, in some cases, becoming Amdocs employees. By supporting these children and their families, Amdocs is privileged to play its part in working for a better tomorrow. We will continue to serve this goal with passion and dedication.

Employee Volunteering and Financial Investment:

Our commitment goes beyond monetary donations and engages our employees in the important mission of community involvement. Amdocs donates funds within the framework of partnerships where employees are involved as volunteers.

Our volunteers, who make up 10% of Amdocs' workforce, are involved with mentoring, learning centers and enrichment activities, renovations, activities around holidays and special occasions, donation drives and Universal Children's Day in partnership with UNICEF, etc. Amdocs encourages and supports its employees to volunteer and expresses its recognition to the volunteers.

  • Technological Education:
    Much of the voluntary work we do is in education, teaching basic literacy and mathematics. Last year we launched a pilot high-tech education initiative in Israel, which will develop into a long-term global program, providing skills and future employment opportunities to children from seventh grade onward. We’re currently focusing on middle school students – grades 7-9 – but we expect to extend this to high school students in the coming years, offering scholarships to train in technology at university. The program offers various activities including English instruction and visits to high-tech companies for the purpose of technology education. These activities have a positive impact on the children’s’ self-esteem, confidence and sense of empowerment.

  • Universal Children Day:
    We have a number of regular events in our community program calendar, the most significant of which is Universal Children’s Day, which we mark on November 20 every year with activities and donations to UNICEF at offices across the globe.

    Amdocs has adopted Universal Children’s Day as a special occasion for celebrating the volunteer spirit of Amdocs employees and our community relations efforts. We took upon ourselves to mark this day by conducting special activities with the children of our community:

Social Leaders Network:

Our community relation activities rely on a network of tens of social leaders among our volunteers across the company, leading community partnership per division or site activities. Each social leader serves as a peer between the community partner and an Amdocs unit. The social leader is the “living spirit behind the wheel”. Their knowledge of the local community’s culture and needs is invaluable to the success of our projects and we meet with them regularly throughout the year to monitor and evaluate our activities and discuss what is working well and what can be improved. By leveraging their community activities and involvement in their daily work, the community leaders make our community relations work highly visible to employees, encouraging them to get involved. It is this integrated approach that ensures our community relations work truly is a part of the Amdocs DNA.

Evaluation and Measurement:

Amdocs community relations activities are constantly evaluated and measured. Over the years, we have conducted surveys among Amdocs employees, Amdocs volunteers, our partners and the children involved. The feedback has been consistent: high satisfaction and a genuine sense of mission and, most importantly, Amdocs volunteers feel that they are bringing about a significant change to the children's lives.


  • Sustain and further invest in current community partnerships, activities and volunteers
  • Create new partnerships in new Amdocs sites worldwide
  • Double our impact by expanding the areas of community involvement
  • Increase the engagement of different business units in volunteering activities, and integrate performance with business unit objectives.
  • Scale our technology education program to additional locations
  • Partner with at least one of our customers to create a joint community program

Planned activities for 2014 and future goals

Our aim is to continue to develop our community relations program. It’s clear to us that healthier, happier children mean a healthier, happier and more sustainable future.

We have a number of specific goals we would like to achieve in this area, including doubling the number of volunteers in the next two years. We will also actively help employees find local volunteer activities within Amdocs’ community involvement programs, which they can enjoy in their spare time.

Finally, we look forward to further developing our rapidly growing tech education initiative, exploring how we can better link our community relations program to our industry for the benefit of the children we work with, their communities and Amdocs as a business. ​​