Passionate People

We dare to change; have passion to lead


With over 22,000 employees in more than 80 countries around the world, Amdocs set a goal to be an employer of choice, constantly improving our employee experience, making their journey in Amdocs meaningful and fulfilling.

At Amdocs, we understand that engaged employees are vital to the success of our company, so we encourage employees to unleash their potential, have access to professional and career development, be recognized for their achievements as individuals and feel that their wellbeing is high on our priority.

We strive to make sure Amdocs is an exciting, inclusive, empowering and interesting place to work, with numerous opportunities for learning, socializing, engaging with our businesswide developments and future plans, and communicating with all levels in the organization.

Amdocs strives for longterm leadership continuity, and is committed to cultivate strong, excellent leadership teams by recruiting, developing, and retaining the best leaders in the industry.

This collective and connected environment means we have an everblossoming and diverse team of talented employees working together to develop and deliver our continued business success.

Our goal is to make Amdocs a company for whom we are all proud to work, a place full of quality people, sharing common values and playing to win, an organization where we thrive both as individuals and as a team.

The story so far...

Employee Engagement and Professional Development

At Amdocs, our desire is to be the “employer of choice”. We understand that positive engagement with our employees and potential employees is important to our success. This is reflected in our yearlong crossorganization activities which focus on professional learning and personal growth.

We believe in excellence in everything we do – our products, our services and especially our people. With 23% of our Software and Information Technology, Sales and Marketing employees worked in Israel, We were delighted to discover that in 2013 we were once again listed as one of the top 10 companies working in Israel and maintained our position in the top 5 ranking hightech companies in the country, according to an annual survey conducted by BDI, the largest business information group in Israel. It is also a significant endorsement of our continuous efforts to improve our employees’ experience and ensure Amdocs is a great place to work worldwide

  • Learning and Leadership Development in Amdocs:
    We believe that learning is at the core of professional and personal growth. This means providing our employees with the most uptodate, comprehensive learning services available, promoting and nurturing professional, personal and leadership potential. Whether it’s instructorled training in a classroom, selfstudy or live eLearning sessions, Amdocs Learning & Development provides our employees with the tools to develop and build their careers.

All employees have a personalized learning center in the Amdocs Learning Portal, where they are encouraged to meet their specific learning needs through a variety of programs such as the eUniversity or different activities. We have also partnered with GlobeSmart to bring employees businessrelevant information on over 60 different countries and cultures, training them to better interact with colleagues and customers from around the world.

In addition to these broad professional programs, specific programs, such as the Leadership program, have been developed for particular employee populations. These programs support our Leadership strategy of striving for longterm leadership continuity and our commitment to cultivating strong, excellent leadership teams by recruiting, developing and retaining the best leaders in the industry. One of these programs is the Customer Business Group’s LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) program, which was designed to develop, invest and grow our future leaders in order to ensure talent continuity that contributes to both the individual and Amdocs as a whole. Program objectives include: accelerating personal and organizational leadership capabilities for short and long terms; enhancing knowledge; building up professional skills; and developing shared cognition among participants to generate new ideas and perspectives

It’s clear that our commitment to learning and professional development is recognized in the industry. Proof of our commitment to the active development of our employees is the numerous awards we have won, including the LearningElite Award in 2011, 2012 and 2013; and multiple Brandon Hall awards, including Gold for Best in Competencies and Skill Development in 2012.

  • Performance Management and Career Development:
    We strongly believe that by focusing on contribution and professional growth we can improve our employees experience and engagement.
    Performance management is a yearlong, ongoing process, aligning business strategy with personal development, through goal setting. It involves measuring progress, providing feedback, coaching for improved performance, and rewarding achievements. By managing employee’s performance, managers guide employees and help them navigate through their career, encouraging them to learn and grow.

  • ‘Have Your Say’ Employees’ Opinion Matters :

Transparent communications among employees across all levels is an important way to ensure inclusion, increasing their engagement and confidence with each other and the business.

One of the most important concerns of Amdocs Management is how employees feel about working at Amdocs. The Annual Employee Engagement survey provides a great opportunity to let us know about the Amdocs employee experience. With the results, we are able to examine the areas that really matter in order to improve upon them. The survey helps us make Amdocs the company we want it to be

  • Wellness

In addition, we recognize that it is important to take a holistic approach to maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction, addressing both personal and professional events in our employees’ lives. Beyond competitive pay and benefits, we understand that it can often be the small things that make a difference and enhance a sense of belonging. For instance, we send employees personalized gift cards for numerous personal occasions such as their birthday, marriage and births of their children. We also have awards that recognize long service and valuable performance

Diversity and inclusion

A diverse workforce is integral to a stronger Amdocs. With over 20,000 employees in more than 60 countries, Amdocs' global workplace represents a powerful mix of nationalities, cultures, generations, genders, experiences and skills,

Amdocs strives to attract and retain a diverse workforce, and develop our employees so that they serve our diversified business operations. We strongly believe that creating such a diverse and inclusive environment will make us a better company and ensure Amdocs is seen as a desirable place to work across all its regions and for all its employees.

Acting as a player in a competitive economy within the globalized world, Amdocs is always looking for creative and innovative people, bringing different qualifications, backgrounds, and experiences, and forming a unique talent pool.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct was created to ensure all employees are aware of Amdocs’ highlevel commitments to promoting inclusion and diversity. Additionally, to help ensure an inclusive and ethical work environment, Amdocs has set up an ethics hotline for all Amdocs employees worldwide. It also outlines procedures for dealing with incidents of harassment and discrimination, which helps empower any victim to speak up and act against aggressive or negative behavior. The hotline, operated by an independent third party, offers a confidential way to ask questions or share concerns about incidents of harassment or discrimination or any unethical behavior, theft or fraud in the workplace. The ethics hotline is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for reporting any misconduct.

Gender diversity in Amdocs

Female participation in the workforce is still one of the greatest challenges for companies in the ICT sector.

We believe that gender diversity is a significant performance driver, and we are dedicated to creating conditions that help women develop professionally and reach their full potential.

In Amdocs, there are over 30% of women in total and 22% of women in the Executive Management Team. Looking ahead, we want to make sure women continue to take leadership roles and be part of our talent pool. This is evidenced in our Excellent Leaders program, which aims to identify and develop a pool of excellent global leaders who are qualified to lead Amdocs through future challenges. Over the years, at least 20% of the program participants have been women, reaching 34% of program participants this year.



A robust career ecosystem that will redefine professionalism at Amdocs


  • Continue the new Horizon platform detail design and preimplementation planning, to be rolled out in October 2014 (see below)

Strategy for employee wellness and engagement


  • Define an improved, global and strategic employee wellness and engagement model, mapping core wellness domains and focus areas
  • Analyze biannually employee lifecycle milestones that impact wellness and engagement, and develop a relevant lessonslearned program for current and new managers

Leveraging current metrics on employee wellness and engagement


  • Expand existing burnout indicators

  • Refine wellness and engagement indicators and sensing processes to align with the wellness model in order to monitor and track consequence-required improvements
  • Incorporate and monitor wellness and engagement indicators in our ongoing sensing processes

Diversity and inclusion


  • Initiate annual monitoring and assessment of areas for improvements based on gender as part of our yearly human resources cycle

Planned activities for 2014 and future goals

Improving our metrics on employee wellness and engagement is the first step to making advances in this area. We will gather data on incidents of absenteeism and employee turnover due to workrelated stress and anxiety and will seek to reduce the number of incidents over time.

We want to increasingly involve employees in their own wellbeing and engagement and discover where they feel we can make changes and add benefits. To achieve this we will refine the relevant indicators in our global survey and sensing processes to gather regular, indepth data from all staff. This information will allow us to adapt and improve our activities and develop an associated index allowing us to track employee wellness and engagement over time.

In addition, we are planning to further enhance our efforts in promoting gender diversity in Amdocs.

Finally, we are currently designing a new career ecosystem, which will enhance professional development and have a significant impact on all employees and human resources processes. “Horizon” is a new initiative that will redefine professionalism at Amdocs, making careers with us more fulfilling and more competitive in four distinct ways by:

  • Providing a clear definition of professionalism to drive organizational agility and help employees better develop their careers
  • Supporting execution of Amdocs’ business strategy, enabling effective workforce planning and staffing of new lines of busines
  • Enhancing effectiveness and improving cost structure through visibility into our talent pool and effective allocation of workforce budget
  • Providing transparent career opportunities and personal growth paths, enabling employees to plan versatile careers and gain increased employability, while making Amdocs a more attractive employer