Executive Summary

Amdocs is taking a more strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability than ever before. Over the last year it has conducted a materiality assessment to identify the CSR issues that matter most to Amdocs and its stakeholders including civil society, investors, regulators, customers, employees, and more. This assessment was used to develop a comprehensive new CSR strategy, the foundation upon which this first in-depth CSR report is based.

Four core CSR issue categories were identified: Products and Services; Employees; Operations and Supply Chain; Community and Society. High-level objectives were developed within each category, and draft goals were drawn up for the most material CSR issues.

  • Products and Services: Enabling positive sustainability impacts by our customers, ranging from hardware reductions to lower energy usage and paper consumption through core products and services; exploring opportunities to support the sustainability objectives of our customers in the area of digital services.

  • Employees: Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce by supporting gender, generational and cultural diversity; encouraging professional development and personal wellness through specific programs; offering competitive employee benefits and acknowledging employee milestones and achievements; improving transparent communications among all employees and strengthening employee engagement.

  • Operations: Encouraging ethical businesses practices and conduct; improving employee and workplace environmental health and safety; reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions; As an organization Amdocs achieved carbon neutrality (net zero carbon footprint) in 2013.

  • Supply Chain: Improving sustainable supply chain management.

  • Community and Society: Responsible engagement with local communities with a focus on continuing to develop Amdocs’ Community Relations program that supports more than 4,000 underprivileged children directly in over 60 countries and thousands indirectly. Over 2,000 Amdocs employees have contributed many hours volunteering with socially responsible partnerships all over the globe, with a focus on basic literacy, technological education and cultural and social activities that increase children’s confidence and self-empowerment. Employee fundraising drives and planned giving will continue to be encouraged and supported.

This report contains data on Amdocs’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance and activities in the year 2013. Additionally, the chapter entitled “Operations and Supply Chain” covers performance data from 2012.

Transparency, accountability and reporting
We are focused on providing clear and easily comparable data on our CSR performance and actively encourage discussion on how we can make improvements over time. With our new CSR strategy in place, we plan to publish an annual comprehensive CSR report. It will detail our social and environmental performance in a clear and easily comparable format.

Please send any inquiries or feedback on this report to Social.Responsibility@amdocs.com.