About CGCI


Amdocs Community Relations was borne from the realization that a successful company must strive to be actively involved in the communities where its employees live and work, contributing from its resources and talents to assist in community projects.

We firmly believe that Amdocs' core value of 'care' inspires us in all our activities throughout the years. We also believe that 'excellence', 'growth', 'collaboration', 'efficiency' and 'customer centered' don't just guide the way Amdocs conducts business, but also characterize our community relations mission and goals, enabling us to make them a valuable asset to Amdocs, by achieving shared mutual gain.

In 2002, Amdocs employees chose the theme which continues to represent Amdocs Community Relations: 'Support the well-being and enhance the educational opportunities of children at risk in the communities that we call home'. In order to offer these children the prospect of a better future, we must do what we can today to alleviate social gaps and create opportunities for those who might otherwise be left out.

The ultimate structure that enables us to leverage our involvement is based on establishing long term partnerships with communal organizations located in the area of Amdocs sites. These long term engagements provide the children with what they need most -- stability and confidence.

Our commitment under the chosen theme goes beyond monetary donations and engages our employees in the important mission of community involvement. And indeed, Amdocs donates funds within the framework of partnerships where employees are involved as volunteers. Volunteers, who make up 10% of Amdocs' workforce, are involved with mentoring, learning centers and enrichment activities, renovations, activities around holidays and special occasions, donation drives and Universal Children's Day in partnership with UNICEF, etc. Amdocs encourages and supports its employees to volunteer and expresses its recognition to the volunteers.

Amdocs Community Relations activities are constantly evaluated and measured. Over the years, we have conducted surveys among Amdocs employees, Amdocs volunteers, our partners and the children involved. The feedback has been consistent: high satisfaction and a genuine sense of mission and, most important-- Amdocs volunteers feel that they are bringing about a significant change to the children's lives.

Entering our second decade of activities, we aim to expand and strengthen our partnerships, reaching more children-at-risk, leveraging our 'win-win' achievements and reaching new heights.​​​