Amdocs holds itself to the highest legal and ethical standards for data privacy and security. Customers trust us to manage their corporate and customer data responsibly and protect it from unauthorized access or use by any individual. Amdocs places the utmost importance on maintaining this trust. To ensure this, the company has a stringent set of guidelines in place that are summarized in the company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Amdocs has multiple security measures in place to protect its systems from unauthorized access and data theft. Those security measures ensure that no unauthorized individuals can gain data access. These security measures apply to employees of Amdocs and of Amdocs' partners, vendors and customers. In fact, security features and functionality are included in our software from early in the product development process. Our security and privacy practices comply with existing regulations around the world.In addition to our own confidentiality standards, Amdocs also complies with all customer guidelines and policies around data privacy and security.