Going Global


Embarking on a new strategy, Amdocs diversified its product and service offerings, and through a series of acquisitions entered new markets such as China, OSS and cable, and strengthened its foothold in managed services. In response to customer demand for products rather than customization, the company moved to product development, culminating in the launch of the Amdocs CES 8 portfolio.


2002 Dov Baharav appointed CEO
2002 Enter APAC BSS market; enter prepaid market: end-to-end convergent prepaid and postpaid Billing and CRM win in APAC
2002 Launch Enabler Billing product
2003 SBC Directory Operations (SBCDO) Yellow Pages Managed Services win
2003 Dex Media Yellow Pages modernization Managed Services win
2003 Amdocs acquires Bell Canada's share in Certen joint venture
2003 Enter the mobile Mediation market: Xacct acquisition
2004 Establish development center in India
2004 Amdocs unveils new brand and logo
2004 Enter the Financial Services market: ABN Amro win
2004 Telkom South Africa consolidated wireline, CRM, Billing and Order Management win
2004 Billing, CRM and Order Management win in APAC
2005 Launch first product portfolio - Amdocs 6 Portfolio & Services
2005 Enter Broadband Cable & Satellite market: DST Innovis acquisition
2005 Enter IPTV/tripleplay market: Southwestern Bell (SBC) Project Lightspeed win
2005 Beijing Mobile Amdocs 6 Billing win
2005 Enter the Chinese market - Longshine acquisition
2005 Elisa (Finland) Amdocs 6 integrated customer management win
2006 Sprint-Nextel consolidation Customer Care & Billing Managed Services win
2006 Svyazinvest (Russia) Amdocs 6 integrated customer management win
2006 Enter the Digital Commerce market: Qpass acquisition
2006 Enter the OSS market: Cramer acquisition
2006 Telstra OSS transformation win
2006 Stibo Graphic acquisition
2007 Expansion into growth markets: Sigvalue acquisition
2007 AT&T Ordering and wholesale platforms Managed Services win
2007 Launch Amdocs 7 Product Portfolio & Services
2008 Expand leadership in Personalization & Portal market: ChangingWorlds acquisition
2008 Expand leadership in broadband cable market: Jacobs Rimell acquisition
2008 Launch CES 7.5 Product Portfolio & Services
2009 Elisa mobile Billing Managed Services win
2009 Expand leadership in the Service Delivery Platform Market: jNetx acquisition
2009 Rogers CES 7.5 cable modernization project win
2009 ICE (Costa Rica) OSS 7.5 win
2010 Claro Brazil modernization project win
2010 Expand leadership in mobile advertising: MX Telecom acquisition
2010 Realign strategy in China & divest majority holdings in Longshine
2010 Launch CES 8 Product Portfolio & Services
2010 Sensis (Telstra Yellow Pages) Managed Services win
2010 Amdocs CES Turbo Charging win at a European service provider
2010 U.S. Cellular CES 8 business transformation win