The Yellow Pages Years


Amdocs developed the first automated system for directory publishers, which put the customer, not the phone number, at the center. The 1984 breakup of AT&T led to Amdocs sealing a crucial win with Southwestern Bell (SBC) Yellow Pages, entering the US market and becoming the world leader in the Yellow Pages space.


1982 Aurec Information and Directory Systems (today known as Amdocs) founded; Boaz Dotan appointed CEO
1982 ITT Yellow Pages win - Ireland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Portugal
1984 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages win - Advanced Directory Systems (ADS-II) development agreement
1985 Southwestern Bell acquires 50% of Amdocs
1985 Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages win
1985 AT&T Thailand Yellow Pages win
1986 Telecom Australia (today Telstra) White Pages win
1988 Pacific Bell Yellow Pages win
1988 GTE Yellow Pages win
1989 Telecom Australia Yellow Pages win
1992 Nynex Yellow Pages win
1994 Development of the new generation of Yellow Pages system (NewGen)
1996 Southern New England Telecom (SNET) Yellow Pages win
1998 RH Donnelley Yellow Pages win
1998 Ameritech Yellow Pages win
2001 BellSouth Yellow Pages (BAPCO) Managed Services win