Amdocs NFV Partner Program

Bring NFV to life

​​Service providers have embarked on a journey that will transform today’s networks into agile network clouds, enabling them to cost effectively deliver the experience today’s customers expect.

Realizing the vision of an agile network cloud will require a host of technologies and best of breed products and services that openly interact and seamlessly integrate with one another.

In order to drive rapid NFV/SDN evolution and help realize this multi-vendor agile network cloud vision, Amdocs has established the NFV Services Partner Program and set up an open NFV lab environment.

The Amdocs NFV Services Partner Program is focused on pre-integrating a rich set of VNFs and Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) elements in order to simplify the complexity of service orchestration, improve service time to market, and address end-to-end SLA considerations. ​​
Network Virtualization & NCSO Ecosystem
Partner Benefits
Amdocs NFV Services Partner Program is designed to fulfill a variety of NFV use cases in the network cloud environment. The ecosystem welcomes partners from various domains.


  • Gain market access and benefit form Amdocs' position as the leading BSS/OSS and network control solutions for service provides.

  • Work closely with leading service providers to accelerate learning curve and better understand service providers NFV needs.

  • Amdocs NFV Service Partner Program facilitates collaboration between its members. creating business and technical opportunities.

  • Access to Amdocs Open NFV lab, complete with orchestration and infrastructure for testing applications in an end-to-end environment.

  • Gain access to innovative Amdocs showcase facilities such as Experience Center for advanced presentations and demonstrations.

Open NFV Lab
Amdocs partners are welcome to on board and benefit from the NFV Services Partner Lab.

The lab contains a full service provider management stack, including BSS, OSS, NFV Infrastructure (SDN, Cloud Infrastructure and cloud management system), NFV orchestration and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). As part of these lab efforts, Amdocs is actively collaborating with service providers and third-party technology vendors in Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and detailed design efforts.

Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator is an open, catalog-driven solution designed to help service providers transition from physical networks to cloud service environments. It creates and manages network services based on real-time network circumstances and customer information. The solution continuously designs, fulfills and assures network services, from any Virtual Network Function (VNF) vendor, over all mainstream cloud management systems and SDN controllers.

NFV Infographic 
Amdocs NFV Offering

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