Amdocs Partners & Alliances

Open Up a New World of Opportunities for Your Business

Service providers are working harder than ever to keep up with rising customer expectations, blurring lines of business, and entering into mergers and acquisitions that are creating new players and opening up markets as never before.

For service providers, it all comes down to providing an exceptional, innovative customer experience at every point of service in order to stand out from the competition. Transforming their organizations - processes, systems and people - and centering them on the customer experience is the key to getting it right. And when it comes to embracing challenges and experiencing success, no one knows how to do it better than Amdocs.

We're not just helping the world's largest service provider companies keep up with their markets. We're helping to change them.

Play a part in this transformation by partnering with Amdocs, and transform your own business at the same time. Profit and grow from new opportunities and more market exposure. Benefit from our experience and relationships with the world's leading enterprises. Work together with us to shape the future. And help turn industry-defining transformation projects into reality.

The Amdocs ONE Partner Program defines our partner relationships, provides a context for partner solutions and offers a framework for combining our products and services with those of our partners. Please refer to the ONE Program framework below for more details.
Amdocs Partner Profile Framework