Company Overview

CACI has been delivering integrated technical solutions to the telecommunications, media and utility industries for more than 15 years.

Working in partnership with some of the world's leading software vendors, including Cramer,they havedeveloped a range of operational support systems to meet the specific challenges faced bymutual clients.

For telecommunications, CACIoffers a range of skills and business solutions in order management, mediation and billing, with business intelligence for revenue assurance and fraud protection. They also specialize in integrated operational support systems for service and network provisioning and fault management.CACI hasnetwork capacity solutions for fixed and mobile networks and are specialists in network inventory.

For media and utility clients CACI offers solutions including systems integration and business intelligence. To learn more, please see

Amdocs Regions Covered

North America and EMEA.

Amdocs Relationship

Cramer Solution Partner

Joint Value Proposition

  • CACI works with and supports Cramer Consulting to provide resources for Cramer lead projects worldwide. Projects include BT LIMS, TDC, Telekom SA and KPN.
  • CACI also has a unique relationship with Cramer Amdocs Learning Services, as it is the only Solution Partner, who also is a supplier of Cramer Trainer resources to Cramer Amdocs learning Services for their own training projects and public schedule.
  • CACI is a Cramer Solution Partner, who is currently working on the C6 upgrade at Thus Plc. in Scotland.

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