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CommuniTake is recognized as a front-runner in remote access technology over mobile devices. The CommuniTake platform unifies robust multi-channel support with comprehensive enterprise mobility management and core M2M services.

The CommuniTake Care suite includes an on-device diagnostics and repair application, an automated care system leveraging Big Data diagnostics, a self-troubleshooting portal, and complete remote control over mobile devices and PCs.

The CommuniTake Mobility suite introduces a complete mobile device management solution, advanced security, unique industry specific MDM solutions, intuitive BYOD, integrated remote support, collaborative device sharing, and real-time use control. CommuniTake’s M2M platform contains assets management, policies management, and diagnostics and repair.

The CommuniTake solutions suite transforms support into the hallmark of a successful organization and leverages mobile resources and processes to effectively drive business results within fully secure and managed mobility. It provides end-to-end visibility and control over connected devices and machines.

CommuniTake’s proven success is demonstrated by superior technology, advanced functionality, flexible delivery methods, and a white label model. CommuniTake’s leading edge products are deployed by foremost operators and businesses worldwide.

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