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Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging)


While communication technology and services continue to evolve at a furious pace, and smartphones and unlimited broadband packages driving the exponential growth of data consumption, one thing has remained constant: the need to quickly launch and monetize new services and offerings.

Amdocs Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging) is Amdocs’ flagship product for convergent, real-time charging. It lays the foundation for a single real-time charging architecture with outstanding performance across prepaid and postpaid services.

With cost efficient performance and scalability, Amdocs Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging):
  • Reduces total cost of ownership with lower hardware and third-party software costs
  • Scales quickly and efficiently to support massive real-time operations
  • Competes effectively in high-growth prepaid markets with carrier-grade performance, high availability and low latency
  • Consolidates charging operations with one convergent product for real-time charging
  • Enhances the customer experience with real-time services for postpaid customers
  • Reduces time to market for new services and offerings
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