Self-Optimizing Networks

Increase network efficiency for improved customer experience

​​With the rapid rise in data demand, set against spiralling network operating costs and increasing difficulty in managing a complex mix of technologies -- current network architectures and processes are proving unsustainable, and mobile service providers are struggling to cope.

Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) provides a new way forward. It simplifies network management and maximizes network potential through automated optimization.

Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks offers a unique approach that links the network to the business. It enables service providers to maximize existing network resources and deliver effective customer experience improvements by targeting optimization based on customer revenue and business value.

Already deployed successfully at leading global service providers, Amdocs Self-Optimizing Networks solution is proven to deliver:

  • 10% faster mobile broadband speeds

  • 20% increase in capacity utilization

  • 40% fewer dropped calls

Key benefits

  • Vendor-agnostic multi-technology support: Delivers maximum impact regardless of network equipment provider or technology

  • Customer experience /value driven: Uses subscriber location and value to target optimization more effectively and improve customer experience

  • Extends SON beyond LTE: Supports 2G and 3G services, as well as LTE, maximizing the value of existing network assets

  • Streamlined adoption: A comprehensive range of services to integrate SON into existing equipment, operational/ business support systems and processes.