MVNE Solution

Converged Charging, Service Delivery Solutions for MVNEs

Amdocs MVNE solution is designed to help Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) launch new operations, expand and capture new revenue streams, deliver a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The proven Amdocs MVNE solution is specifically designed to meet MVNEs' current and future operational needs, hosting numerous MVNOs in total separation on their network in a highly secured manner. It's an end-to-end, next-generation, IN (Intelligent Network), convergent, real-time charging and service delivery solution, which offers complete flexibility, and supports any network, payment method and delivery model for complete flexibility and fast time to market.

Any network, any payment method, any delivery model...

Whether you're connecting to an MVNO running on CDMA, GSM, UMTS, WiMAX, IMS or any other network protocol, our system will support your current and future operational needs.

The Amdocs MVNE solution also supports all payment methods - prepaid/postpaid, e-payment, vouchers and money transfer so your customers can choose the option(s) that best fit their lifestyles and preferences.

Business and operational benefits:

  • Multi-tenant solution with highest levels of availability and security
  • Quick and efficient new MVNO onboarding
  • Seamless integration with MNO network(s)
  • Business process automation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Inventory management capabilities, including SIM card and number management
  • Wholesale settlement capabilities
  • Brand differentiation, marketing, market analysis and customer segmentation

The Amdocs solution includes:

  • Convergent real-time rating and charging (prepaid/ postpaid)
  • Service creation and delivery platform
  • Customer care and self-care
  • SIM card management
  • Cashier applications
  • Scratch card generation and distribution applications
  • Intelligent Network (IN) Platform
  • Messaging platform (SMSC, USSD, IVR)
  • Invoice generator and collection/debt management

Unique Benefits for MVNEs to help lower total cost of ownership, increase return on investment and speed up time to market for MVNO operations and new services:
  • The solution's multi-tenant architecture enables multiple-client organizations (MVNOs) to connect to the same platform, allowing full personalization, control and security.
  • Each can manage its own service offerings, define a product portfolio and tariffs, and present its brand using a uniquely-branded Web portal with its own logo, look and feel, and language choice.
  • Virtual "Chinese walls" between each operation ensure the highest level of security and availability, as well as total separation and confidentiality between each MVNO.