Customer Care

Stand out from your competition with superior customer care

The challenge to win and retain customers has never been greater. This is why the need to offer an unbeatable and simple customer experience is becoming increasingly crucial.

Today’s consumers interact with multiple devices, such as smartphones, set-top boxes and DVRs. These interactions cross multiple channels, such as email, chat, online self-service and social media, in addition to assisted channels. But when it comes to customer experience and the information they receive, customers expect it to be seamless and consistent.

Complicating matters further, complex and confusing price plans often leave the customer with numerous questions on how to buy services and devices that best suit their needs.

Amdocs Customer Care is designed to help you meet the challenge of providing a simple, consistent, personal and valuable experience to each customer across all channels and touch points.

We understand the importance of customer experience management. Amdocs Customer Care helps deliver high-quality support to keep customers happy and ensure you stand out from the competition.

Amdocs Customer Care can help you to:
  • Align your services with your business objectives for operational efficiencies and lower costs
  • Control every aspect of the service process, from initial customer contact through to onsite resolution
  • Quickly understand customer issues for faster resolution
  • Simplify and speed up the introduction of new services
  • Protect customer satisfaction by proactively notifying them about service changes
  • Quickly resolve customer issues on social media within the CRM stack

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