Proactive Care

Care before the customer is aware

The proliferation of devices and complex services has led to an increase in support requirements and costs for service providers. It has become a business imperative for service providers to contain these costs, while providing a competitive customer experience that generates loyalty and willingness for customers  to recommend, improving Net Promoter Score (NPS).

To improve their NPS, service providers need to address both the experiential and cost challenges of meeting heightened customer expectations for real-time, context aware support. To achieve this, service providers should identify and understand the opportunities to shed or deflect calls, by anticipating customer issues and addressing them proactively. This preemptive resolution provides a more seamless customer experience, an impressive “moment of truth,” and eliminates the call.

The Amdocs Proactive Care Solution, which is enabled by the innovative Amdocs Insight Engine, is designed to allow service providers to move from reactive response, to proactive actions. By monitoring all relevant data sources to understand the complete customer lifecycle, and processing dynamic customer context in real-time, the solution applies sophisticated intelligence and decisioning capabilities. This enables service providers to identify the potential occurrence of issues, and execute context-specific actions to address the issue proactively, in a manner that is personalized and specific to the individual customer.


  • Increase profitability by improving NPS, while dramatically reducing costs

  • Increase call deflection and call shedding by focusing on customer care

  • Provide personalized care, creating new “moments of truth,” with relevant and timely intervention specific to the individual

  • Business composer allows business users to change business rules and apply policies with minimal IT support

  • Extensive best practices library for service provider-specific issues to increase prediction accuracy

  • Patented technology prevents unintended consequences

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