Smart Device Support

How Smart Are the Phones Anyway?

The advanced capabilities of smartphones increase the use of data hungry applications to open new sources of revenue, but they also create challenges with device configuration and connectivity. This leaves customers confused with what they can do with their smart devices. This is where the Amdocs Smart Device Support Solution can assist. Bringing together Amdocs products with industry leading device management vendor partners, this solution offers pre-integrated, leading CRM and mobile device management (MDM) products to extend smart device insight and resolution into the contact center. For the first time, Level 1 and 2 agents are empowered to resolve support issues quickly and effectively.

This solution helps you to:

  • Reduce spiraling smartphone support costs by empowering Level 1 and 2 agents to handle support calls
  • Increase revenue per user by addressing configuration challenges and CSR training to boost underutilized applications and services
  • Prevent costly device returns that result from incorrectly configured devices rather than faulty devices

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