Social Care

With the barrage of online posts on a wide variety of issues, is it possible to identify 'cries for help' from noise?

Consumers are increasingly interacting with their service providers across social media, making it imperative to deliver targeted and effective care through those same channels. In fact, 50% of customers have tried to communicate with their service provider for customer service on social media [Coleman Parkes Research, 2014]. Three quarters of those never received a response or resolution, leaving a frustrated 80% with no choice but to call their service provider as a last resort. Did you know that 52% of your customers expect a response on social media within a half hour? How well are you meeting this expectation?

Since customer expectations are the same regardless of touch point - know who I am, and solve my problem quickly - failing to resolve a customer’s issue on their channel of choice negatively impacts customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Furthermore, service providers are missing the opportunity to deflect a call that could have been avoided had it been addressed on social media. 

Amdocs Social Care combines Amdocs products with industry-leading social media platform partners, offering pre-integrated, leading CRM and social media products to bring ‘social calls’ to the contact center. The same agent who answers calls in the call center can now respond to social media inquiries related to customer care, eliminating the silos, to provide a superior customer experience across all channels.

Bringing social engagements into the contact center allows you to provide the same standard of care -- through the same agents, systems and processes -- for calls which come from social media. By meeting customer expectations, and quickly resolving their issue on their channel of choice, service providers gain customer loyalty and improve Net Promoter Score, while reducing the cost to serve.

The Amdocs Social Care solution helps you improve Net Promoter Score with integrated social care to:

  • Expand customer care capabilities to social media channels
  • Filter and address the customer shouts that really matter
  • Link social identity to customer profile for complete context
  • Rapidly resolve care issues across social media, improving satisfaction and loyalty

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